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Joan Planta — 5 star  Milap and Arnie, I am so glad Marianne, Shelina and I made the trip from Waterloo to visit your store yesterday. It was worth the trip! Your store is amazing with top quality products and great selection. Milap, I did not know you are such a great cook! All of the samples were sooo delicious and decadent. I really appreciate all the helpful information you shared. I can hardly wait to start cooking, today! Was great to see you both. We'll be back soon! Congrats on the opening of your store. Best wishes for much success!!

Marcia Maria Bremner — 5 star  Enjoyed our visit yesterday to your store and my fascinating conversation with Milap about the medicinal benefits of turmeric and ajwain. Reading your printouts right now that you were kind enough to provide about those spices...Unique store and concept. Wishing Milap and Arnold great success!! See you both soon!

Glenna E Swing — 5 star  Wonderful shop. So friendly and helpful! Milap is a wealth of knowledge about "Healing Spices".

Amazing place to shop for spices and cheese a must go place. Five star experience.

Chris & Ron

TAJ MAHAL Spices & Cheese

356 Wilson St E. Ancaster

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